CIMA Event – Building brilliant business relationships

Date/Time: 24 January 2018 @ 6.30 for 7.00pm
Location: Tillington Hall Hotel , Eccleshall Road , Stafford , West Midlands , ST16 1JJ

Michelle Mills-Porter was involved in the horrific 2004 Boxing Day tsunami. She witnessed human behaviour in the face of true adversity and she will explain what she learned about humanity and what led her to do what she does now, running a behaviour profiling and development organisation.

Michelle will explain what behaviour profiling is, how we differ from one another and the sciences behind it.

Then she will show us how this can be of benefit in a working environment. When you understand and practice behaviour profiling, you can pre-empt your client’s wants and needs, build a massive sub-conscious rapport and build relationships that are impenetrable by any competition.

It will then be your turn to take a look at yourself. With the help of power-point slides and descriptions, we will see how Ensize divides the behaviour’s. This will be interactive and delegates will move around the room.

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