Institute of Legal Finance and Management

Institute of Legal Finance and Management

ILFM is the UK’s leading education authority and membership body for legal finance, administration and practice management professionals.

The ILFM have over 30 years of serving the legal profession and assists over 2,500 members every year. During this time the ILFM have developed and expanded to embrace all aspects of legal practice. Whilst our foundation remains solidly in legal accounting many of our members have more diverse roles which sees them taking responsibility for Practice Management, Human Resources, IT and Regulatory issues. Today, we have members ranging from billing clerks to finance directors and from legal cashiers to managing partners across England and Wales. Many of our members will also be appointed to the role of COFA (Compliance Officer of Finance & Administration) or will be instrumental in supporting the role.

We are dedicated to driving innovation, education and the promotion of excellence throughout the legal sector for financial and practice management staff, hence the motto: ‘Diligentia, Vigilantia’ – ‘Diligence and Vigilance’.

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