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Thobe is an Arabic tribal dress with an ethnic appeal. The color and patterns of Thobe are very different from the Western clothing. Although there are no designs like Western, there are a lot of patterns and colors in the thobe. Today, we have a lot of thobe for sale in the market.

According to the historical studies and the studies of different cultures, we can know that thobe has been one of the traditional dress since the ancient times. In the ancient times, when people in Sahara desert mens short silk robes migrated to Egypt, Africa, and Europe, they brought this clothing with them. Also, in the history of Egypt, this type of clothing has been used since a long time. Although in Europe, this type of clothing is not liked, but in Egypt, it is one of the most popular items. Nowadays, thobe is one of the most famous items in world fashion.

How to Wear Thobe

In these days, thobe is used as a casual fashion for men. They are used in the ceremonial occasions. The color and designs of thobe are different from the Western clothing. So, it is important to understand how to wear thobe to create its appeal. You should know that there are two main parts of the thobe. These two parts are the sleeve and the waist. The design of the thobe is in the sleeve.

Sleeve Patterns

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There are two main patterns for the sleeve. The first one is a solid sleeve. This type of sleeve is very simple and you can see this type of sleeve in the photo. But, for the second type, there are lots of interesting designs, such as stripes, jacquards, and checks.

You can see some photos of the thobe from different countries below.








These are the main countries mens short silk robes with thobe and their designs. But, these designs are not limited to these countries. They have been used all around the world.

Sleeve Length

The length of the sleeve is another important part of the thobe. Before, you can wear the thobe with a short sleeve. However, now it is not the right choice. Nowadays, the thobe is used with the long sleeve. Also, there are lots of designs for the long sleeve. You can see the different designs of the long sleeve below.